Faith & Spiritual Support

Faith & Spiritual Support

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Becky Nesbitt is the Coordinating Chaplain and together with a team of volunteer chaplains, the chaplaincy is available for the pastoral and spiritual needs of students and staff, at both Falmouth and Penryn campuses.

The Multifaith Chaplaincy is a partnership between Falmouth University and the University of Exeter in Cornwall, and is provided through Falmouth Exeter Plus.

Your Multifaith Chaplaincy is open to people of all faiths and none, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. 

Visit us for peace, quiet, reflection, prayer or meditation; or come and talk with someone who will listen. 

On the Penryn Campus, the Multifaith Chaplaincy is located at Cottage 8, Tremough Barton Cottages (down the lane past the Sports Centre); At Falmouth Campus, the Multifaith Chaplaincy is located in The Hub area. For further information you can send an email to

For information regarding the team, please visit:

If you have any questions regarding when particular volunteer chaplains are available, please contact

Pastoral Care:  We are not trained counsellors and the pastoral care we offer is not professional counselling.  However, we are interested in journeys through life and will therefore listen attentively to whatever it is you want to share.  We will listen respectfully no matter what path you find yourself on. We believe that every individual has an inherent dignity – or put another way, that each of us is essentially good.  This means that we welcome our encounters with other people knowing that we might learn as much from you as you might from us.  We know that life is full of beginnings and endings, sad times and happy times, joys and challenges and that sometimes we need company and a listening ear. After listening we may suggest to you other student support services. 

Spiritual Care:  We are a place of support for your spiritual journey, offering sacred space, companionship and conversation no matter what your starting place is and whether or not you consider yourself to be ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’.  We also offer specific support for religious needs - finding people and practical resources to enable you to practice your faith on and off campus.  We have close connections with the Cornwall Faith Forum who help us to link students and staff with smaller faith communities that have a less visible presence on campus.  We also offer support for anybody finding it difficult to be a person of faith and advocate on your behalf when necessary.

No, you don’t. The chaplaincy team offer pastoral and spiritual care for students of all faiths and none. All of the chaplaincy team are members of faith communities of various sorts.  We are motivated by our beliefs and spirituality to be available to those who would like someone to walk alongside them for a while at this particular time in their journey.  We are always happy to talk about faith and spirituality, but in the context of pastoral care we would only do that at your instigation, and would never seek to convert you in any way.

You can book an appointment by emailing or calling 07770 803550 or 01326 370744.

On the Penryn Campus, the Multifaith Chaplaincy is located at Cottage 8, Tremough Barton Cottages (down the lane past the Sports Centre) and offers a space for peace and quiet, prayer or meditation on a busy day. It is open Monday – Friday, 9am until 5pm. The prayer room is booked / bookable for regular times of prayer and the details are kept on the door of the prayer room and updated accordingly.  After 5pm the space is available for students and staff to book for events. For more information please email

There is dedicated space for peace and quiet or to pray or meditate on the Falmouth Campus within The Hub area (located close to Fox 4 and The Lower Courtyard). For further information you can send an email to

Details of most Christian churches in Falmouth and Penryn can be found at:

Details of other faith communities and their places of worship can be found at:

Of particular interest might be: Kehillat Kernow, the Jewish Community in Cornwall, Cornwall Islamic Community Centre

For further information, please contact

We often meet with students and try to help them make useful connections for projects such as photographing places of worship or interviewing people of various faiths for religious or moral perspectives on a variety of issues. 

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