Transfering Course or studies

Transfering Course or studies

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Once you have confirmed your module selections you will be unable to change them in your My Falmouth account.  However, during the first two weeks of each study block, you are allowed to request a change to your module selections.  
If you wish to make a change to your Optional Modules, please complete the Optional Module Request Form . For more detailed instructions on completing the form please go to the guidance.

You can transfer from one course to another within the first four weeks of each study block. You must be in good academic standing i.e. You must have enough credits to transfer and have completed all module work. You need to get the agreement of the course leader if the transfer is within the same subject, and by the Heads of Subject if moving to a different department. Late changes, or transfers between departments, must be approved by Directors of departments.

You must complete a transfer application on My Falmouth in the Making a Change to Your Studies area.

Course transfers are possible within the first 4 weeks of a study block. If you wish to transfer courses, you should discuss the matter with your course team and Student Advisor and contact the Finance department, as there could be financial implications because of this action. Please refer to the useful guidance, which includes information on how to apply for a course transfer

This application needs to be approved by both course teams before Student Records can process the transfer.

You will be notified by email once your transfer has been processed.

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