Living at Other Halls?

Living at Other Halls?

Explore the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the services available to you. If you're unable to find the information you need, contact us and we'll ensure your query is directed to the relevant service.

Please make an enquiry with the Accommodation Office regarding any concerns or queries that can't be answered through our FAQs.

To do this please click on the 'log enquiry' option above.

You can connect to the wifi/internet once you have completed your IT induction.  IT inductions can be completed from when you arrive on campus.

Depending on your residence this may differ on whether you connect to the internet through wifi or an ethernet cable. 

For Maritime Studios and Tuke House you will need to provide your own ethernet cable.  For Maritime Studios and The Sidings you will be provided with instructions on how to connect to the internet on arrival. 

For The Warehouse, Armyn House and The View you can connect to the internet using the instructions in your flat folder,  your wifi password will be provided when you arrive. 

Our IT team are available for technical assistance by contacting the IT Servicedesk on 01326 253822.

At The Sidings, post is delivered to your post boxes but parcels can be collected from the site office.

At The View, you are required to collect your post from your post boxes in the downstairs lobby.  

At Maritime Studios, post can be collected from the main lobby.  

At The Warehouse, post is collected by the main lobby door.  

At Armyn House, post can be collected from the main lobby by the stairs in the post boxes provided.

You can ask for local advice from any of the site offices at your residences, as well as Glasney Lodge reception. 

Our Facebook and Twitter pages often promote various events and facilities near to Falmouth and Penryn:



Hot meals can be bought from various locations across both campuses.

Penryn Campus offers The Stannary for a wide range of meals, Koofi and the Performance Centre cafe for smaller snacks and lighter meals. 

Falmouth Campus has the Fox Café again offering a wide range of hot and cold meals. 

Groceries can be bought from the shops on campus as well as nearby supermarkets in Penryn and Falmouth.  Penryn offers a 24 hour ASDA supermarket which is a short 10 minute walk from the campus.  Falmouth hosts 4 major supermarkets around the town - all within walking distance of the town centre.

We provide a basic block insurance cover through Endsleigh. An example certificate can be found on our website at:  If you have any particularly expensive valuables it would be worth checking what is covered in case you may need to upgrade your cover.

If you have a fault at either Maritime Apartments or The Sidings, you will be required to report it to the individual site office.  

For students living at The View: Complete a maintenance reporting sheet (found outside the building manager’s office on the ground floor) and post it in the box labelled “repairs” or contact Glenn , the buildings manager during office hours on 07590 045 633.

For students living at Armyn House: Complete a maintenance reporting sheet and post it in the box labelled “repairs” or contact Glenn / Paul during office hours on 07590 045 633.

For students living at The Warehouse: For any maintenance issues please telephone Glasney Lodge on 01326 253503 For Our Of Hours Emergencies - Please contact Glasney Lodge on 01326 253503."

A disturbance can be reported to our Out of Hours team based at Glasney Lodge for all residents across all accommodation options. 

They can be contacted on the out of hours mobile number and also the lodge number 01326 253503.

Parking is free at the weekends but is charged per hour during the weekdays (between 8am and 6pm) at the Penryn Campus. For current Pay As You Leave parking charges please visit:

If you are in one of our other residences without parking we recommend your guest uses public transport to visit.  If this is not possible it is worth seeking the nearest public parking to your residence.  Please be aware of local residents parking.

All of our contracts include the Christmas and Easter Holidays.  The contract ends before the Summer holiday and you would be required to move out unless you have been offered a Summer contract extension.

Guests are allowed if there are no more than one at a time and they are staying no longer than three nights. 

If your guest wishes to stay longer, written permission will be required from the Accommodation Manager.  All guests must be signed in and out of the site office at your residence.

Welfare support is available no matter where you live.  You will find our Student Support Services based in the Annexe at Penryn Campus including the Living Support Team who you can offer free, confidential, student-centred advice. 

Student support at the Falmouth Campus can be found based in Kathmor House opposite the main campus entrance. 

The Accommodation Office and the out of hours team are available to discuss any issues/emergencies you might be having as well.  You can call the out of hours team any time of day on 01326 253503.

An abusive relationship can involve physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse.  Please seek professional support with understanding the complexities, and to keep you safe.  Talk to the Living Support team – we work closely with specialist support services and can arrange for them to come and see you on campus in a way that feels comfortable for you.  

You will decide whether or not to tell the police.  If you are in immediate danger, always call 999.  If you are on campus, let Security know.  

If you are concerned for yourself or for a friend, you can refer directly to First Light,, or you can ask us to refer you.  

Not found the information you need? Contact us.

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